Florent Pagny with cancer: he talks about his way of managing his disease!

It was a shock for fans of Florent Pagny when they learned a few months ago that the singer had lung cancer. As the latter was not operable, he found himself obliged to undergo several chemotherapy sessions. A shock treatment that is currently about to end. In the meantime, he had confided in the microphone of Nikos Aliagas in relation to his way of managing his illness. Especially with his family who was repeatedly confronted with his mood swings.

Florent Pagny always wants to be optimistic

Florent Pagny has always been most optimistic. The singer, however, said he had low morale at the start of his illness. Fortunately, he could count on his loved ones to support him through this difficult ordeal. The latter laughed when he got angry because it was not at all in his nature. He then explained to them that it was not him who was so grumpy and irritable, it was his illness. A way for him to explain that his family was a real support for him in these difficult times.

Getting caught up in the drama was all there was to avoid for Florent Pagny. The latter who firmly believed that solutions were always present to solve problems. A new proof of his foolproof optimism. This character trait that his relatives appreciate the most in him.

Source- https://www.nextplz.fr/people/252783-florent-pagny-atteint-dun-cancer-il-evoque-sa-maniere-de-gerer-sa-maladie