Florent Pagny with cancer: young he asks for help from the Salvation Army

It is a sad announcement that has upset the French. On January 25, Florent Pagny posted a video on his Instagram account, in which he revealed that he had to cancel his 60s tour. Indeed, the artist said he was suffering from inoperable lung cancer. For several months, the coach of The Voice went into chemotherapy. While the new season of telecrochet TF1 is in full broadcast, it is possible that the French star will not be able to attend live. If his condition does not allow him to put on the show on the set, another star is already scheduled to replace him at short notice. For the moment, the father of two children is fighting against the disease, surrounded by his family. According to information from the magazine Audiencethe husband of Azucena Caamaño would have “already done 30 of his fifty chemotherapy sessions”. And the tumor would have “halved”.

Without money, Florent Pagny fought to get by

Happy news for the clan of Florent Pagny, but also for his many fans, who have been very worried since January. On Instagram, his daughter Ael, even responded to a subscriber, revealing that ” everything was fine “. The artist has come a long way. Indeed, he has not always had an easy life, especially when he was a teenager. At a very young age, he had to ask the Salvation Army for help. If the young boy did odd jobs to help his parents, he also had to turn to associations. As he confided in 2021, at the microphone of Europe 1. “ They can allow people who don’t have the means, like us, to still be able to stay with accommodation“, he explained on the set. Indeed, the boy lived there for several months, his parents no longer being able to support him. “Finally, my first foster home was the Salvation Army in Ménilmontant”he added.

A somewhat chaotic start to life, but which in no way predestined the future of the star. Since, by force of will, and odd jobs in restaurants and trade in Paris, Florent Pagny began to take his life in hand. And his courage paid off, since, a few years later, he met actor Dominique Besnehard. Who held out his hand to him, and the singer took his first steps in the cinema, before the music! Of course, later he became one of the greatest French singers. A great example of success!

Source- https://www.nextplz.fr/people/252281-florent-pagny-atteint-dun-cancer-il-demande-laide-de-larmee-du-salut