Fofo Márquez assures that Maya Nazor was only with the Santa Fe Klan out of interest

In recent weeks, the Santa Fe Klan has been in the midst of controversy due to whats separation rumors that have arisen around his relationship with Maya Nazor, And although none of those involved have come out to confirm or deny the news so far, Internet users assume that their romance has come to an end.

With this in mind, the influencer Fofo Marquez He decided to share a video on his social networks, in which he assured that Maya Nazor was only with the Mexican singer for interestmaking it clear that he already knew what the tragic ending between the young couple was going to be, although he explained that he preferred not to talk about it because he always received criticism.

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“I no longer wanted to give answers to any of this because they tell me ‘you are only looking to make controversy’, ‘Santa Fe did not ask for your opinion.’ I was heavily criticized in the past, when I simply gave my opinion of what happens when you hang out with a interested lady”, commented the content creator.

To better explain his point of view, the 25-year-old explained that he already knew how to identify this type of person, since from a very young age he had to learn to realize who was at his side out of interest.

“Understand that since I was a child I have surrounded myself with false friends and women have approached me, because trying to ensure their future, so to speak, then I I know how these people operate. Right now I speak with the utmost respect to Maya and Santa Fe”, he added.

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According to Fofo Márquez, he had no problem approaching the 23-year-old rapper to warn him about the type of person Maya Nazor was: “When they started walking, I told Santa Fe: ‘Just water, be careful because later the women they are very very cannons’”.

In the past, the controversial influencer Fofo Márquez questioned the paternity of the Santa Fe Klan, as he assured that he could be the father of the baby that Maya Nazor had: “Yes, I’m worried, although it seems that I’m not, the net I’ve been thinking, ‘pu*wey’, about Maya Nazor’s pregnancy for a month.”

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