Followers of ‘Peluchín’ make fun of Anthony Aranda’s clothes in “EEG”: “He took off Melissa’s pants” | SHOWS

A follower of Rodrigo González sent him a photo of the wardrobe he used Anthony Aranda on his return to ‘Esto Es Guerra’ highlighting his pants.

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“Rodri, Anthony took off Melissa’s pants hahaha, it is seen that he is on a mission even the clothes lend him”, reads the image published by Rodrigo, who even shared the message on networks.

Image capture from @rodgonzalezl
Image capture from @rodgonzalezl

Anthony Aranda He reappeared this Wednesday in “Esto es Guerra” after more than a month of his retirement from the competition due to an ankle injury. The ‘Activator’ was presented by Johanna San Miguel, who also shed some light on what will happen to him in the coming days.

The popular ‘Mama lioness’ announced that the ‘Activator’ will join the “Warriors” team and that next week he will face Gino Assereto in an extreme circuit. Whoever wins the competition will stay on the reality show.

You got injured and Gino came to replace you and now he doesn’t want to leave, so the production has decided that Gino stays, and you go to my team. In a few days you will face him in a circuit and only one will stay in ‘This is War’ “limited the presenter.

Anthony Aranda returns to 'This that war'
Anthony Aranda returns to ‘This that war’

New international pull in “EEG”

“Esto es Guerra” also presented the urban singer tonight adso as a new member of the reality show on América Televisión. The artist will wear the colors of the “Combatants” for a short season.

With you, the international singer who in a few days will give a tremendous concert here in Lima, Peru, will also be part of the ‘Combatientes’ just as Maluma did at the time. With you Adso”, he exclaimed Renzo Schuller when presenting the interpreter of “As if nothing”.

Urban artist enters EEG
Urban artist enters This is War.


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