For “bad faith conduct” they dismiss the rape lawsuit against Cristiano Ronaldo

For “bad faith conduct” they dismiss the rape lawsuit against Cristiano Ronaldo. Since 2009 the soccer star was accused of sexual assault, finally after years of accusations and a trial, the Las Vegas federal district judge Jennifer Dorsey dismissed a lawsuit.

The judge argued that in this case the defender of his accuser, former model Kathryn Mayorga, Leslie Mark Stovall, presented stolen and leaked documents detailing the conversations between lawyer and client, in order to win the trial.


The ruling stated that it was dismissed for “Stovall’s repeated use of stolen privileged documents to prosecute this case” for which it was determined that he has all the indications of bad faith conduct. With this, the 37-year-old athlete will not be tried for an accusation of assault against him.

Ronaldo’s defenseman, Peter S. Christiansen, celebrated the decision and assured that both he and his client are extremely “pleased with the careful consideration of the issues by the federal court and the decision to dismiss this case.”

Through a statement, the Portuguese footballer’s lawyer explained that since the plaintiff first filed the lawsuit in 2018, it was argued that the action was brought in bad faith. The text reads that the “full dismissal of the plaintiff’s case should give all who follow this matter renewed confidence in the judicial process in this country and deter those who seek to undermine it.”

It was also reported that the documents were originally leaked by the Football Leaks website. and published in the German newspaper Der Speigel in 2017. Subsequently, Stovall, his accuser’s defender, began to include them in his conclusions, and it was then that the soccer star’s defense asked to end the case.

Demand in 2009

Former model Kathryn Mayorga filed the lawsuit in 2009 against Cristiano RonaldoManchester United player, whom he accused of an alleged rape in a Las Vegas hotel room. At the moment, the young woman loses her chance to receive millions of dollars, in addition to the 375 thousand dollars that she received for her silence.

Let’s remember that the accusation was made against Ronaldo more than a decade ago and Mayorga’s claims were resolved out of court 13 years agoafter he received more than half a million dollars from the footballer who was playing for Real Madrid at the time.

However, in 2018, Mayorga began proceedings to nullify their initial agreement, arguing that it was signed under duress, but without giving any kind of legal arguments.

Mayorga’s new claims were categorically denied by Cristiano Ronaldo when he presented his defense before a court in Las Vegas where the complainant requested a new compensation of 77 million dollars in damages and costs.

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