For End of War: Leslie Mandoki would even sing “Moscow”.

For the end of the war
Leslie Mandoki would even sing “Moscow”.

Moscow, Moscow, throw your glasses on the wall, Russia is a beautiful country, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho – as a member of Genghis Khan, Leslie Mandoki once smashed these lines. He really doesn’t want anything to do with it. But now he would jump over his shadow.

Music producer Leslie Mandoki would sing the old Dschinghis Khan hit “Moscow” for the first time in many decades – if he could end the Ukraine war with it. “I haven’t sung the song for about 40 years and I will never sing it again – there is only one reason to do that: if I could stop the Russian soldiers from shooting at their Ukrainian sisters and brothers.” , according to Mandoki.

The song “Moskau”, composed by Ralph Siegel and Bernd opinioner, was originally planned as the opening song for the 1980 Olympic Games in Moscow. However, because of the Soviet Union’s invasion of Afghanistan at the time, some states such as the USA and the Federal Republic of Germany boycotted the sporting event. A few years later the group Dschinghis Khan broke up, Mandoki successfully continued his career as a musician and producer.

Statement “for humanity”

Mandoki says the Russian invasion of Ukraine affects him deeply. “I feel for the refugees from Ukraine who are trying to escape the cruelty of this merciless war.” The 69-year-old explains that he can very well empathize with what the refugees are now experiencing. “After all, in 1975 I myself was a refugee seeking refuge in Germany, fleeing Hungary from the Soviet-Russian dictatorship.”

The musician and his band Mandoki Soulmates now want to set an example on March 25 at the Burghausen Jazz Festival, where the native Hungarian had one of his first appearances in Germany in 1976. According to Mandoki, the Ukrainian singer Kamaliya, who recently fled Kyiv from the bombings, should support the cast. He plans to make “a statement against this brutal killing, against the war and for humanity”.