For giving a concert with covid, Yuridia would spend three years in jail

MEXICO CITY, MEXICO.- A shower of criticism and questioning has received Yuridia after making an announcement that left all his followers stunned on May 2.

The singer offered a concert at the San Marcos Fair, an event that takes place every year in Aguas Calientes, Mexico. And, while she sang her songs, the former academic confessed that she had tested positive for covid-19.

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“Aguascalientes, this show is almost canceled. Shall I tell you why? Because he gave me covid and here we are giving everything. Whoever wants to kiss me on the mouth is at his own risk, “he said at the time.

The comment quickly went viral and criticism of Yuridia began to arrive, considering her as irresponsible who “puts many people at risk”.

Given this, the authorities were also questioned, because in said Mexican state what happened to the 35-year-old artist is taken as a crime against health.

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The serious negligence of the singer is punishable by jail, and she can spend up to three years in prison, as stated in Article 199 bis of the Federal Penal Code of Mexico.

“Whoever, knowing that he is sick with a venereal disease or other serious disease during the infectious period, puts the health of another in danger of contagion, through sexual intercourse or other communicable means, will be sanctioned from three days to three years in prison and up to forty days of fine”, reads the letter.

For his part, the Mexican deputy of the National Action Party (PAN), Enrique Garcia Lopezexplained that “a complaint must be filed from the stallholders with whom he could have had contact during the show on May 2” to initiate a legal process on the singer.

At the moment, it is unknown if any lawsuit has already been raised. Meanwhile, Yuridia has not commented on the controversy.

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