For hit star Florian Silbereisen, a motorcycle stunt ended in the hospital: “It was too cocky”

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Of: Jonas Erbas

Pop star Florian Silbereisen is considered an enthusiastic motorcyclist. The “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” juror also regularly presents his fast-paced hobby in his shows. But a rehearsal ended for the 40-year-old injured in the hospital, as he now revealed.

Munich – Whether on the high seas or the paved roads of Germany, Florian Silbereisen (40; all news about hit star Florian Silbereisen at a glance) feels at home everywhere: the hit star has not only been the captain of the ZDF dream ship since 2019, but since an avid motorcycle fan since his youth. The 40-year-old Harley owner lives out his passion to the full – but at the same time this entails some dangers, as he has now revealed.

Florian Bernd SilbereisenPop singer, actor and presenter
BornAugust 4, 1981 in Tiefenbach (near Passau)
TV appearancesincluding The Dream Ship, DSDS, festivals of folk music
Most Successful ReleaseThe Album (2020; with Thomas Anders)

Florian Silbereisen talks about his fast-paced hobby – Schlagerstar is a huge motorbike fan

To calm down, Florian Silbereisen relies on a mixture of adrenaline and education, as the folk musician recently revealed: Because Flori not only likes to relax with a “nice book”, but also with a whopping 122 hp: The hit star is the proud owner of a Harley Davidson Sportster, with which the 40-year-old regularly takes to the streets.

“When I come home and have some free time after work, I really enjoy cruising for a few hours. The feeling of freedom sets in immediately and I immediately arrived in another world and forget all the stress,” explained the motorcycle-loving “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” juror in a interview.

For hit star Florian Silbereisen, a motorcycle stunt ended in the hospital: “It was too cocky”
Florian Silbereisen likes it fast: The folk musician also regularly heats up the stage on two wheels in his hit shows © Sven Simon/Imago

Florian Silbereisen is “a careful driver” – the pop singer enjoys his free time on his bike

But anyone who thinks that Florian Silbereisen lets himself be carried away by daring maneuvers on the motorbike is wrong: “I’m a careful driver and don’t take any risks on the road. What I like best is cruising down the country road at 90 km/h and enjoying the landscape passing by,” says the hit star.

The 40-year-old also warned: “You should never switch off your head when driving.” He himself, for example, “also expects mistakes made by others” – and therefore insists on an extra dose of caution.

“Was too cocky”: For Florian Silbereisen, a motorcycle stunt ended in the hospital

But although Florian Silbereisen is always careful, “something can go wrong” here and there, as the pop star (the greatest German pop singer of all time) had to experience firsthand: “I broke my leg doing a motorcycle stunt on our show. Back then I wanted to jump through a hoop of fire on a motorcycle. I was too cocky at a rehearsal and it was done.”

However, something like this will not happen to him on the road, the folk musician revealed: “In a rehearsal hall like this, I only have to bear responsibility for myself and that is a completely different situation than on the road. I’m much more disciplined on the road and don’t take any risks.”

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In the fourth edition of the “Giovanni Zarrella Show”, the ZDF viewers missed their Flori: The hit star was “awarded to DSDS”, Giovanni Zarrella explained to Florian Silbereisen’s absence – a reason that seemed strange. Sources used: