for the first time, a candidate is a mother and married

Victoire Rousselot, 27, is running for Miss Alsace, taking advantage of a relaxation of the regulations of the Alsatian regional committee.

Will Victoire Rousselot enter the history of the Miss France competition? In the running for Miss Alsace, she is the first candidate in 100 years to be married and also a mother. This 27-year-old dental assistant is indeed the mother of a 3-year-old girl.

As stated by TF1, Victoire Rousselot benefits from a relaxation of the regulations of the Alsatian regional committee. “I had my daughter when I was 24. I’m 27 today, I still think I’m young. I can and I would still like to accomplish a lot of things,” she told the Latest News from Alsace.

“I am above all a modern woman”

She refuses to be defined by her marital status. “I am above all a modern woman, I hope so in any case, a free woman with many dreams and full of ambitions.” With her application, she wants to “prove that it is possible to combine professional career and family life by being the first Miss mother and bride”.

Another candidate for the competition is making a name for herself: Andréa Furet, who a few weeks ago became the first trans candidate in the history of the competition. She is one of the 12 candidates for the election of Miss Paris 2022. The election will take place on June 19.

The new president of the Miss France society, Alexia Laroche-Joubertopened the door last year to the participation of transgender candidates: “There is no problem. No worries,” she said at the microphone of Sud Radio.

The Miss France 2023 election will take place this year in Châteauroux. The evening will take place at Mach36, a room which can accommodate up to 3,500 spectators and which the Miss France family knows well: it is in this same space that Maeva Coucke was elected in 2017.