For the first time Marisela performs at the National Auditorium – El Sol de México

Thirteen years ago she was her godmother for the opening of concerts and tours with artists produced by businessman Sergio Gabriel, who now supports Marisela, the woman of iron, when placing it for the first time alone in the National Auditorium. This Saturday the singer will perform in tribute to her mothers, with a renewed show that includes her hits and her unreleased songs, such as I better godedicated to his mother, Adelina, who died two years ago.

With her 30-year anniversary tour, Marisela travels from end to end of the Mexican Republic, after her return after almost three years of absence.

“I am glad to return to Mexico after almost three years in lockdown due to the pandemic. Although I did a very intense tour of the United States before. I return with desire, to sing for the eighth time, but now alone for my first time at the National Auditorium”, said the singer in a conference.

She recognized that “Marisela was born artistically in Mexico” and although she does not notice it, she came back as a different person in her feelings, with one more year of life and giving herself to the Mexican public with her ballads. “I am calm, I am fine, working, I am doing what I want to do, at ease. Happier because I’m in Mexico again. It is extremely important for me to come back.”

Marisela announced that in addition to Better I’m leaving, she will dedicate another song she wrote to her mother, but she did not get to listen. “Of course I remember my mother and I always sing her songs remembering her, I’m going to dedicate another song to her, which has the collaboration of Ramón Ayala and production by Carlos Espinoza. When I lost my mother, I dedicated myself to my music, to keep myself busy, to be with my audience, to get through all the feeling that losing a mother feels, ”she confessed.

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Marisela accepted that being in force for three decades makes her proud and grateful because “the new generations that listen to my songs identify with me, I sing to love, love never ends and it is beautiful, I feel happy and very content, privileged, have so many different audiences.

He reported that he is already recording new unreleased songs, “in a somewhat different sound than the romantic ballad that I have always sung and done. The public has asked me and I am doing it, but without losing my essence. Right now I am dedicated to my concerts, to making my music and I want to spend a good time in Mexico, ”she concluded.