For the love of her daughter Nina, Andrea Legarreta acts her “death” in theater

Susy is blind and at the mercy of two swindlers. In her apartment, in addition, the body of a woman who has been murdered appears. In the midst of all this mystery, her only support seems to be her neighbor Gloria.

This is the plot of “Alone in the dark”, a play in which Itatí Cantoral is Susy and in which she debuted this weekend Nina Rubin Legarreta in the character of Gloria.

for the daughter of Andrea Legarreta and Erik Rubin This is her second time participating in theater, since she previously acted in the musical ‘Anita la huerfanita’, which was presented at the Insurgentes Theater.

As always, Andrea He accompanied his daughter in the dressing room, helped her get ready and shared some photos of what was experienced before her debut in this work that is presented at the San Rafael Theater in Mexico City.

“I love you”, he wrote in the images that both shared on their social media accounts.

But on this occasion, affection led to Andrea even to have a brief participation in the function of debut of his daughter.

In one of the first scenes, a corpse appears that unleashes the entire mystery of the plot. Andrea Legarreta agreed to act as that murdered woman and although it was a participation without dialogues and very brief (only the body appears at one end of the stage) to Little girl It meant a lot that her mother was with her on stage.

Little girl She is 15 years old (she is a year younger than her sister Mía) but her resume already has jobs in film and television, as well as theater. In movies, she played the character of Queta in ‘The Immoral Life of the Ideal Couple’ by director and writer Manolo Caroas well as in ‘Mom went on a trip’ by Fernando Sarinana.

She has extensive experience in the field of dubbing, lending her voice to different projects such as ‘Bailarina’, ‘Emoji lapelicula’, ‘Magic Park’, ‘Fancy Nancy’, ‘Spirit’ and recently the movie ‘Paw patrol.

Nina alternates the character of Gloria in the play ‘Alone in the dark’ with María Perroni Garza.