Former employee of Luis Miguel assures that he did not let her see his face

MEXICO CITY, MEXICO.-One of his former employees described the experience of working with Luis Miguel as “horrible”.

Ana Villarininfluencer and communicologist focused on the world of cinema, was linked to the Ocesa company in the past, which organized and performed in 2019 she worked in some Luis Miguel concerts.

The young woman decided to tell her experience in the podcast Creators & Chillensuring that the singer did not allow the workers to stare him in the face.

“My first job in concerts was Luis Miguel, imagine. I started working with another company that is linked to Ocesa, which is a concert company… As proof, they told me right now we are with Luis Miguel in his residence that he did in the National Auditorium, “he said.

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According to the famous tiktoker, the singer’s demands were so demanding, that he possibly would not have been able to handle so much pressure if he had taken the position years ago.

“Because Luis Miguel, the truth is, I think everyone knows it and even more so if they saw the series, he is not an easy artist. That job is a lot of responsibility, a smaller girl would not have endured, the net ”, he added.

The young woman assured that she could not delve into more because she signed a confidentiality agreement, but she did say that Luis Miguel was always late.

“I can give you how, in broad strokes, but not details, that is, you even have to sign your confidentiality agreement. Hardly any artist makes you sign that, so from there red flag, but I tell you it was my first job, I didn’t know it wasn’t normal, but since I started going with more artists, more famous aside, maybe not in Mexico , but in the world, they don’t ask you for the same thing and you say ‘hmm, how strange’“he highlighted.

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“Something that happened to me… that I never understood, is that when Luis Miguel arrived, apart from being very late, that’s why the concerts always started late, no one could be watching him,” he said. “Because he didn’t like it, then we all had to face the wall.”

“I really didn’t understand, it was horrible, like ‘he’s coming, everyone turn to the wall so they don’t see him’ and I swear to you ‘we don’t care about his…’ and it’s already like the third day , that is, all the emotion that you could have has passed and you stop the work of everyone, terrible, ”he continued.

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