Former Epa Colombia accountant talks about alleged kidnapping in a keratin company

The professional assured that Daneidy Barrera Rojas would be linked to an alleged retention case against Carlos Toro, former commercial director of his keratin company. This case of alleged simple kidnapping would already be in the hands of the Prosecutor’s Office.

Saldarriaga, who denounced ‘Epa Colombia’ for threats, slander and insult, told Semana that the man was apparently kidnapped by the content creator and her security men, in the warehouse where one of the headquarters of his business is located.

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According to her testimony, the businesswoman warned Toro that she would not let him leave the place until the accountant moved from Medellín to Bogotá and clarified what had happened to a juicy figure of money that she thought her own workers had stolen. .

“That was on July 30, when I was in Medellín. I had to buy a flight and come to Bogotá immediately because she retained Carlos Toro, who was the person in charge of all business ideas within the company,” said Saldarriaga.

The accountant explained to the magazine that ‘Epa Colombia’ believed that they were going to steal 2,000 million pesos that were in an accountand that is why he held Toro and forced her to appear urgently at the warehouse.

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The former accountant of the influencer pointed out that while she arrived, she received threats via WhatsApp, not only for her, but also for an advisor named Lina. “More than threatening me, he threatened my daughter. She told me that they had her under surveillance, that she knew where I lived, where my daughter studied, that she is supported by very big people ”he expressed.

However, upon arrival at the scene, the problem was resolved by clarifying that the money was delivered on August 3 in cash to Daneidy’s sister-in-law, at a bank in the Restrepo neighborhood.

An hour later, ‘Epa Colombia’ would have apologized to its workers. “Lina, sorry, I never want you to leave,” he wrote to one of them.

At the moment, the version of the man who would have been detained or the businesswoman and influencer who was exposed by her former accountant is not known.