Former personal nurse sinks Amber Heard

The reputation and credibility of the actress Amber Heard is decreasing more and more, two weeks after the trial against her ex-husband Johnny Deep began, who accuses her of defaming him by assuring that he was a victim of abuse. During Chilling details about the couple’s stormy relationship have been revealed in the processsuch as those provided by a nurse who worked with the actress in 2014.

Erin Falati, the actress’s former nurse, 36, declared through a video some details of the life of his former client, such as that she was “jealous” of the protagonist of Pirates of the Caribbean, that she was addicted to cocaine and that she had other disorders.

According to the report filed, it indicates that Amber has a history of anxiety, eating disorder, attention deficit, bipolarity, codependency problems and occasional insomnia.

The report also highlights that the actress has jealousy and anxiety problems a family history of substance abuse.