Former UFC fighter Phil Baroni, arrested and accused of murdering his girlfriend in Mexico | People | Entertainment

Former UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) mixed martial arts star phil baroni was arrested in Mexico for murdering his girlfriend last weekend.

the aztec journal Bahia Grandstand He reported that Baroni’s girlfriend was found undressed and lifeless in a bed, covered with a sheet. The police found bruises and marks all over his body and face.

When they checked on Baroni, they noticed that his hands were red, and they took pictures of him.

Who notified the authorities? Baroni himself, who sought out the police and told them that he had had a “drunken” fight with his girlfriend in his hotel room; that he was angry because he found out that she had slept with another man. He ordered her to shower, but she refused.

Baroni then confessed that he took her by the arms and forced her to get into the shower., but what it did was make him hit his head. She couldn’t get up from her anymore, so he put her on the bed, took off her clothes and wrapped her in a sheet. Then she went to buy cigarettes that, according to him, she had asked him for.

When she came back, she claimed, she thought she was asleep.

The woman’s body will receive an autopsy to determine the cause of her death.

Baroni, a 46-year-old American, was arrested on femicide charges. He is in the municipal jail of the town of San Francisco, in the coastal region of Nayarit.

Bahia Grandstand confirmed that the victim was a Mexican citizen.

In one of his Instagram posts, reminiscing about his days in the ring, Baroni quoted boxing trainer Cus Damatto: “It doesn’t matter what a man says. What he does in the end is what he always intended to do.” (AND)