France is preparing for war? A modernized nuclear missile test, explanations

France has expressed its support and solidarity with Ukraine and its people since the start of the conflict. But if the country commits its troops to Ukrainian territory, the Russian Federation will be able to attack the French directly. So, it is in the background that the nation engages alongside Ukraine. France provides arms, welcomes refugees and economically sanctions Russia as much as possible. At the same time, the President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron and the government are working on resilience plans to protect the French from the indirect consequences of the war. But when on March 23 the media reported that France was successfully testing its modernized nuclear missile, citizens feared the worst. Objeko tells you everything you need to know about it.

Is France ready to go to war?

This question has been on the lips of all French citizens since the beginning of the war in Ukraine. And for good reason, the conflict is taking place just three hours by plane from Paris. It makes all of Europe tremble and will have dramatic consequences for the whole world. In particular the risks of a global shortage. President Emmanuel Macron was indeed talking about a global food crisis that would occur in the next 12 months. Indeed, the President of the Republic of France recalled, during his speech to the extraordinary meeting of the G7, that Ukraine and Russia are two major grain exporting platforms. Exports on which some countries of the world depend for more than 80%.

In sum, global food security is directly threatened by war. So that’s one more reason to worry. But what gives gray hair to French nationals today is the idea that France could enter into open war against Russia. The images of Ukraine could then become images of France, those of kyiv images of Paris…

Indeed, on March 23, France successfully tested the modernized version of its ASMPA nuclear missile. In the columns of the newspaper Le Figaro, reporters report the details of the official statement about it. And they therefore rightly point out that the French are wondering why such a test is taking place when the Russian-Ukrainian conflict is raging. Everyone is indeed wondering if France is in the process of being ready to go to war. Objeko do not hide from you that the question is more than legitimate.

Towards an escalation of the conflict?

Our colleagues then specify that the modernized ASMPA nuclear missile was tested without a load. Which is already reassuring. Then, they indicate that this missile enters the official air component of the French deterrent. Then, they report most of the information published in an official press release.

“Florence Parly, Minister of the Armed Forces, expresses her great satisfaction after the success on March 23, 2022 of the qualification firing of the upgraded medium-range strategic air-to-ground missile (ASMPA), renovated, without its military payload. »specifies the press release from the Ministry of the Armed Forces of France. “The missile, developed by MBDA, was fired by a Rafale which took off from Cazaux Air Base 120. »can pn then read. “This success marks the entry into the production phase of the renovated ASMPA missile, a prerequisite before its entry into service in the Strategic Air Forces of the Air and Space Force and in the Nuclear Naval Air Force of the French Navy. . »is it finally indicated.

In short, France is not preparing to go to war. At most, it keeps the territory’s defense arsenal up to date. And so we should rejoice. Because, Objeko grant you, although the country is not at war per se, the situation is not ideal. Indeed, the war is taking place in Europe and it is the whole world that will suffer the consequences of this conflict. Especially in terms of food as we told you above. Also, our newspaper colleagues Le Figaro highlight this March 24 other countries are updating their arsenal.

“North Korean leader Kim Jong-un personally ordered and supervised the firing of the country’s most powerful intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) on Thursday (March 24th), the state news agency reported on Friday (March 25th). »can we read on the Instagram account of the Figaro.