Francisca enjoys her wedding: “A dream come true”

The happiness was evident and she herself described it in four words: “A dream come true”. Azana Francisca Méndez enjoyed her religious wedding in Casa de Campo, La Romana, with the Italian Francesco Zampogna.

The Dominican presenter brought together almost 200 guests on Friday, including colleagues, artists and personalities and the live artistic participation of the Illegal and Camila groups, as well as the merengue Manny Cruz.

The ceremony was held in the afternoon at the San Estanislao church in Altos de Chavón, La Romana, where the Mexican group Camilo performed the special song for the bride.

Divina Montero, Francisca’s mother, with whom she has a natural complicity, was the one who took her to the altar for the symbolic “delivery” to her husband.

“May this union that God has made last forever,” wished her mother, who in the past had to fight hard to push her daughter through the precariousness of being the head of a family with limited economic resources.

Francisca’s wedding was decorated with many natural flowers, crystals, candles, chandeliers and a spectacular four-tier cake with more than 1,200 edible flowers and 1,000 handmade desserts.

More than 300 orchids and various flowers imported from Ecuador and Italy, such as roses and tulips, were used in the decoration.

The guests upon arrival found themselves in a real princess wedding and as if they were in a real fairy tale.

Although the wedding was in La Romana, Francisca did not want to put aside her roots in Azua, where she was born 33 years ago, but instead built a stage inspired by the gazebo in the park of that city in the south of the Dominican Republic.

Dozens of videos and photos circulated on social networks during the afternoon and evening of Friday. Dominican Jochy Fersobe was the official photographer.

The wedding reception was held in a luxurious villa in Casa de Campo overlooking the Caribbean Sea, which gave the atmosphere a special touch.

One of the funniest moments was when “Mela la Melaza” (the popular character created by Francisca) appeared “by parachute” at the wedding and with “all her cousins” to supposedly “steal” her husband.

Among those present were her companions from the program “Despierta América” ​​(Univisión), Astrid Rivera and Jessica Rodríguez. They staged the “AnittaChallenge” for their guests.

In addition to Camila, the party was enlivened by the Dominican group Ilegales led by Vladimir Dotel and the merengue man Manny Cruz (the bride was seen lying on the floor dancing merengue).

Along with Camila, even Francisca was seen singing the song “Miente” at the top of her lungs, while her first dance after the ceremony was with the song “Todo Cambio”.

The couple have been together for four years. In December 2018 they were vacationing in Dubai when he took the opportunity to ask her to marry him.

In 2019 they were married in a civil ceremony that was held on the beaches of Newport in Florida and on July 7, 2021 they became the parents of Gennaro Zampogna.