Francisca Lachapel lost 20 kilos and is ready for her religious wedding

Francisca Lachapel will finally fulfill her dream of having a religious wedding with Francesco Zampogna, as they marry this May 6 in the Dominican Republic.

The presenter of ‘Despierta América’ got engaged in 2018, and in December 2019 she married civilly. During the pandemic she had her first child, Gennaro, so weight gain was inevitable.

But Francisca did not give up, and with diet and exercise, she managed to lose weight. She will surely show off her figure in her wedding dress. “A few days before my wedding, I want to share with you this before and after. Really, the work, dedication and dedication have their reward. It was very emotional for me when I saw these photos.

It was only by seeing them side by side that I realized how far I had come, and I could really appreciate the change. I sincerely look at Francisca on the left and I remember that she felt pressured by a society that demanded of her to be a perfect woman and at one point she thought that she would never recover and was afraid. And then I see Francisca on the right who, although it is not the end yet, she feels very comfortable with her body just the way she is and very proud of the work done, her courage and her focus “.

Through ‘Despierta América’, Francisca shared the video call she had with Camila so that they sing at her wedding and she has a romantically epic moment in front of her guests. Mario Domm accepted and even made the presenter cry.

In ‘My Wedding Diary’, Francisca shared her long search for her wedding dress. She did not find it in front of the cameras, but she did anticipate that she will use more than one outfit.

Francisca is getting married this Friday, May 6, and thus presumed that she is ready for the big day.