Francisca: the molasses from Azua that found in the US the honey of love and a luxury position on TV

Francisca grew up in a low-income family that lived in a house with a zinc roof, in her native Azua, and which had a bathroom that was located in the patio, in the peasant style. Based on molasses, perseverance and talent, she changed that reality, finding in the United States the honey of love (she is getting married this Friday in La Romana) and a luxury position on Hispanic television.

When he was five years old (he is now 32) his father died, so he grew up with his mother Divina Montero and his brothers, with whom he had to endure mistreatment by his stepfather.

Since she was a child, Francisca Antonia Méndez Montero, her first name, She was a dreamy girl who felt a little music inside that made her want to improve herself and make a change in her family’s situation, something she achieved with effort and preparation.

Her great dream was always to be an actress and to be able to act alongside soap opera ‘galanes’, something she achieved when in 2016 she acted in the soap opera ‘Despertar Contigo’, where she gave life to the character of ‘Amanda’ and, in addition, in 2018 she participated in the Dominican film ‘The ghost of my girlfriend’.

Between 2008 and 2010, he was also participating in Dominican comedy shows such as ‘Titirimundaty’ and ‘Boca de Piano es un show’.

When he was 20 years old, he left behind his studies and the insecurities he had, and made the decision to travel to the United States, becoming the first person in his family to travel at such a young age.

In North America, he did not have decent housing, nor did he have money to buy clothes and food every day. She was unemployed many times, and it was difficult for her to live in a country where her native language is not Spanish.

“My mom told me, don’t stay, go and come back, but I stayed, I stayed undocumented, there were some very hard times because I was alone, I went hungry in a country of such abundance”, the Dominican said on one occasion when she spoke about that stage of her life.

For a year, he was in a difficult financial situation, but that changed when he began to see the world differently.

“I understood that God was putting me through the fire to prepare me, because I lacked a lot of character and a lot of personality, and he wanted to teach me that I was stronger than I imagined.” commented the communicator.

+ Our Latin Beauty 2015
In 2015 she made the decision to participate in the reality show ‘Nuestra Belleza Latina’, a contest that she won for her beauty, talent and charisma, despite criticism from people who considered that she did not have the physical attributes that a queen should have. beauty.

At the audition of the same he came saying: “From Azua to the world”, with humor, grace and ingenuity that captivated the jury that was made up of Daniel Arenas, Gomari Goyso and Verónica Bastos.

“Actually, I consider myself a warrior of life, because at the age of 20 I decided to leave everything in my country to come to a place where I knew absolutely no one,” she said through tears at her audition.

She became the winner after obtaining 42.8% of the votes, for which she received $200,000 dollars in prizes, a one-year contract as Univisión presenter and a Kia Soul.

After obtaining the crown, she returned to the Dominican Republic to celebrate her triumph with the Quisqueyan people who received her with love and pride in the streets of Azua.

His victory is an opportunity that he received with great gratitude, and that he has used to give hope to people who often feel that they will not achieve their goals.

On many occasions, the actress has spoken about it in “Despierta América”, in one of which she said: “I want people to understand that there are no limits to dreaming and that no matter how difficult things are, they have to push, because after that big push is that your great blessing will come”.

She currently works as a host in the morning entertainment program ‘Despierta América’, from Univisión, where she also plays the role of ‘Mela, la Melaza’, which has been the most popular of her television stage.

“Sometimes I don’t know if the character does me or if I do it to him,” he commented on one occasion in which he spoke about it.

+ family life
In December 2018, she was vacationing in Dubai with her partner, the Italian, Francesco Zampogna, who took the opportunity to ask her to marry him.

In 2019 they were married in a civil ceremony that was held on the beaches of Newport in Florida and on July 7, 2021 they became the parents of Gennaro Zampogna.

This Friday, May 6, the Dominican communicator and actress will marry Francesco in the church and the wedding will be in La Romana, in the east of the Dominican Republic.

On Wednesday, the presenter was looking for her wedding dress and let him know: “Today is a very important day because this one who is here is going to look for options for wedding dresses. I have an idea more or less of what I want and everyone who knows me can imagine.

Promise fulfilled. With emotion and pride, in 2017 he fulfilled a promise he made as a young man, which was to build a house for his mother to be able to return even a little of everything she had given him.

“So many times that I promised her, so many times that I asked God to give me a job and to help me with money so that I could allow my mother to live in a decent place… When I entered and saw my mother inside that house that I one day I promised him I was going to do it, it’s time
most important thing in my life.”

In that same year she was one of the hosts of the Sovereign Awards and received an award in the category ‘Outstanding communicator abroad’, which she also won in 2018.

For her work on Despierta América, the annual program ‘Premios Tv y Novelas’ nominated her in the ‘Revelation Host’ category, in which she was the winner in 2017.

Curiosities. She is known as ‘Francisca Lachapel’, but the surname belongs to her ex-husband, Rocky Lachapel, for which she announced on March 15, 2022 that her stage name will simply be ‘Francisca’.

The driver has more than three million followers on Instagram, with whom she shares photos with her family, her work and important moments in her life.