Francisco Arce, the promise of Bolivian fashion, opens space in New York

With only 21 yearsthe Bolivian Francis Maple prepares the designs that will be exhibited in its own showroom in sohoone of the New York’s most exclusive and famous neighborhoods for hosting renowned designer shops and art galleries.

The young promise of Bolivian fashion will fulfill the dream of any designer in November and for a month he waits capturing the trend-loving public.

He was born, raised and trained in Santa Cruz de la Sierra. He inherited the artistic vein of his mother, Bolivian designer Claudia Mercadowhile his father, Marcelo Arce, and his brother, Felipe, are part of his personal support.

He discovered his talent and vocation and worked from an early age, seeing, feeling and touching each texture, each color and each element that in his imagination took the form of unpublished designs.

He hadn’t finished high school, but Francisco already knew what he would do; he had defined what he wanted and where he was aiming.

The fashion design was her passionto the point that when he left school he already had clothes and accessories ready for sale.

My grandmother had an atelier and my mother studied design, but he dedicated himself to jewelry. So, there was already a benchmark of the horizon that he wanted to follow”, he pointed out in time to indicate that after completing his humanistic training he knew it was time to launch your own brandand so he did.

His mother and grandmother gave him the wisest advice that he applies to this day: “follow after dreams, despite the adversities”.

Francisco is clear that fashion has its own elements that need a personal stamp. “I like working with Bolivian craftsmen and materials that allow me to leave the name of my country high, highlighting the potential that we have as a nation. My biggest inspiration is our people and our culture,” she stressed.

The young designer, in addition to being creative, belongs to that small group of people who managed to emerge and progress despite the confinement and the Covid-19 pandemic.

“At first people didn’t leave, everything was stagnant, but fortunately, as time went by, I managed to find a market niche, a space not only to undertake, but also to grow. got set up a store and even take my products abroad. that’s how i do shipments to the US, Mexico and other countries in Latin America”, he highlighted.

The key to its expansion has been, according to him, the attitude and the friends and acquaintances that he has managed to contact throughout his career.

However, the determination and the definition of his horizons were also vital to achieving each of his goals. If he had not persisted in his goals, he would be a lawyer today.

New York, capital of fashion
For November of this year, Francisco will pack suitcases with all the designs that he will show in New York.
“It’s my first time, but I’m very happy and ready to leave the name of my country high,” he said.