Franco and Alejandro, the couple that put the ‘Dance of the Incas’ at the center of the Great Power and that everyone talks about

Franco de la Cuenca and Alejandro Ariel Ledezma, The couple that caused a sensation at the entrance of the Great Power last Sunday in La Paz, set social networks on fire again this Monday by announcing that they will marry this year.

In an interview with the journalist Linda González on the program ‘Here I am’ on EL DEBER Radio, the happy couple commented that the experience of participating in the folk entrance was one of the best moments of his lifedespite the negative comments from conservative sectors of society after the announcement of their wedding.

“I feel proud and happy because there are more positive comments and it makes me feel much better, I don’t take the negative ones into account”, said De la Cuenca, who was Mister and King Cochabamba in 2019 and currently works as a business administrator.

The couple, who danced for eight straight hours at the Government headquarters, announced in the morning on PAT that marriage is among their plans. Hours later they confirmed on EL DEBER Radio that He would not spend this year to unite his love, since they have been together for more than six years.

The participation of the ‘Inca kings‘ he stole the attention of the entire public who attended the event. People asked them to pose with them and the Tiktoks were not long in appearing.

The idea came from the president of the Inti Raymi bloc, Ramiro Morales Durán, who thought of how to highlight the dance of the Incas this year. “We have participated in this dance, we have always tried to recover the Inca since this dance is a bit marginalized in the Great Power, as everyone knows, everything is morenada, caporales and tinku,” he told the portal.

The event drew so much attention that even international media are contacting Morales and his cast to publicize this dance, in addition to knowing the history of the couple that caused a furor on social networks.

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