François Alu as a couple: the Etoile dancer fell for another dancer

The name of François Alu is best known to viewers for his participation, as a juror, in the show Dance with the stars on TF1. But in the middle of the show, he is a reference and was named last April 23 Etoile de l’Opéra de Paris like the late Patrick Dupond. But on the private side, is this dancer with a physique more muscular than slender, a heart to take? The newspaper Release drew his portrait on Thursday May 5, 2022 and for once he pours out (a little bit) about his love life.

François Alu had already presented his brother but his companion never! Moreover, he still does not do it but already takes a big step by confirming to be in a relationship with a woman. He who explains that he does not like dancing in the evening announces, casually: “If I’m with my girlfriend and she’s dancing, I go.“A companion who is professional dancer herself as the daily reveals. We will learn no more. Well yes, he likes to preserve his private life.

Happy in love, the new DALS recruit would like to start a family one day. But this dancer’s son would not like his children to follow in his footsteps. He explains on a daily basis:If my children tell me one day that they want to become dancers, that will bother me, but on top of that I will tell them to avoid dance school. I don’t recommend it.

It must be said that François Alu is not the type to like anything that is too rigid and classic. It can be seen in his physique alone. The rigor of the Paris Opera induces a slender, light, airy body, he who has a rather sturdy body, one might say. Moreover, he confides:At the Opera, the rehearsals tell us: ‘Put on your tights so that I can see your lines.’ Formerly I scrutinized myself; not anymore. The essence of dance is movement, not apparent muscle. I often see very drawn bodies. For that, you might as well go see a striptease.“That is what is said!