François Bellefeuille: Shaving his beard was very painful, more than you think

François Bellefeuille has only one answer to make when asked about the results of his post-Bye Bye 2022.

It grows! “, he announces with a small smile, pointing his chin.

We knew that it was a big sacrifice that the comedian had to submit to by shaving his beard to be able to embody a Stéphan Office credible in the end-of-year review; he had spoken of his dismay in the special behind-the-scenes program of the byethen on social networks afterwards. Back to his reaction here.

But we might not have suspected how painful this temporary change in appearance could be for François Bellefeuille. More than a month after the end of the filming of the comic retrospective directed by Simon-Olivier Fecteau, the famous bearded man told Showbizz.netthe evening of the premiere of one woman show by Maude Landrywhat finding a beardless face had meant to him.

I found it hard to be shaved! I didn’t like myself all the holiday season “Began by admitting François.

He came looking for something, a bit like the teenager who didn’t love himself. I had started growing a beard when I was in vet medicine, and my self-esteem kicked in around the same time. This is where I started to like myself more. Being humorous also helped me a lot. So it’s like it brought me back there. »

I realized that I like myself a lot more with a beard. Not necessarily a very long beard, but I’m very glad it’s back! »

François Bellefeuille is now categorical: no more question of eliminating facial hair.

I won’t do this again! “, he decreed without hesitation. “ Maybe for a very special event. I did it for the “Bye Bye” and I found it interesting to “challenge” myself, to destabilize myself… But I was, destabilized! There, I’m tired! (laughs) »