François Cluzet saved by Guillaume Canet: this gesture which allowed him to get his head out of the water

This Monday, March 21, François Cluzet was the guest of‘As an aside on Canal plus. As rarely, the actor returned to this link which binds him to the director Guillaume Canet…

A rare friendship. François Cluzet was the guest ofAs an aside, broadcast on Canal Plus, this Monday, March 21 at 8:30 p.m. Saved by his friend and director Guillaume Canet, the star of the film Untouchable returned to this bond that has united them since her role in Do not tell anyone : It’s very important, of course… I would say that he got me out of the trap. I had made fifty auteur films which had practically not worked”, he confided to Nathalie Lévy, at the helm of this successful show“So if you want, when you get together with directors who are used to making a lot of entries, it is you who take it in the face !”.

Thanks to this role, François Cluzet won the César for best actor in 2007 after a difficult start to his career: “Of course, I had a supporting role in L’été murderer and I had done some very interesting things, like Bertrand Tavernier’s film Around Midnight and then others, but… it didn’t work, or not enough”, revealed Omar Sy’s sidekick. “JI was very happy to go in the dark, the dark, the dark, the drama is that I almost stayed there. If I hadn’t had this chance to [la part de] Guillaume, who else would have come? Who else would have offered me this?

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François Cluzet: “I didn’t have a childhood”

Before this meteoric rise, François Cluzet admits to having benefited late from his youth: I didn’t have a childhood so I had one for 20 years. I had watered down my wine a lot, stopped drinking, because I partied for 25 years in a way that was totally exaggerated and I’m very happy with it“, remembered the actor. “And then Guillaume arrived, offered me this role. Reading the script, I said to myself: ‘Guillaume Canet? That role?’ So obviously I worked a lot, we got along very well on this film and then I was lucky to have this César”, he concluded.

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