François Damiens reacts to his appearance in the Larousse: “The next step? I would like to be named baron”

150 new words appear in the 2023 edition of the Larousse dictionary, including a proper name which is very familiar: that of the Belgian actor François Damians who reacted to the news by telephone in the RTL info 1 p.m.. It was our team who broke the big news to him. “I had never thought of that to be honest…“, revealed the comedian.

And of to develop: “It can do it. I’m glad someone request: “How is itwriting?I him will say: “Go look in the dictionary”. What do you want me to say?“.

The description of the actor developed in the Larousse is quite brief. HAS next to his name François DamiansIt is writing: (Ukkel) 1973, Belgian actor.

A detail that does not disturb the actor: “No, I saw he put narcissistic pervert in the dictionary, I’m glad I’m not associated with it. I’m already very happy with it. The next step? I would like to be named baron!he jokes.

For this 2023 edition, other words linked more particularly to the pandemic have also been introduced, such as the names following: case-contact, health pass and long covid.

Information that does not destabilize our compatriot: “I would have preferred to go into it with other words, but hey… All these words have entered common parlance…

And François’ favorite word Damians? Without hesitation, he respond: “Case-contact”.