Françoise Hardy at worst? The singer laments “incurable problems” after “45 radiotherapies”

Françoise Hardy has made new revelations about her state of health, with RTL. The singer, who will soon celebrate her 79th birthday, spoke of “incurable problems”…

It goes from bad to worse for Francoise Hardy. The singer, who will turn 79 on January 17, was suffering from lymphoma and then cancer of the pharynx these last years. And if she continues the fight for her health, the interpreter of love time not “not wellhowever, she confided to RTL, this January 4; an interview given after the publication of the ranking RollingStone of the 200 best singers in the world in which she appears.

Thomas Dutronc’s mother follows extremely heavy treatments which weaken her considerably. “The 45 radiotherapies that I was sent from left to right from the bottom of the head and the other ten from top to bottom, have destroyed what supplies blood to the mouth, throat, nose, ears, eyes and scalp“, she added. And to specify: “I let you imagine the incurable problems that poses”.

Françoise Hardy: her “terrible discomfort of life”

Because of his health problems, the artist, ranked in the list of the 200 best singers according to RollingStone (the only French woman there) can no longer sing. “I have no more saliva, and neither my nasal passages nor my deafened left ear have normal blood supply. Among others, respiratory distress, coughing spells, obstructions and nasal bleeding happening non-stop without warning“, she confided to The Obsin 2021. Despite everything, her ex-companion, photographer Jean-Marie Périer, had assured on Instagram that Françoise Hardy kept on writingrelentlessly, since it was his favorite pastime.

His son, Thomas Dutronc, had also given sad news of his mother, with Pure charts : “She really has a lot of problems. Every thing takes on incredible proportions (…) What is awful, it’s that she has a very strong, appalling discomfort in life. But she’s not in danger of dying at all, she can live for years like that, but she’s in no spirits at all and she can’t manage it. I insist, but I would like her to take antidepressants, to get help“.

Françoise Hardy is not afraid to die

While those close to her, such as her son, constantly worry, the singer is less worried about the possibility of the end. The septuagenarian and ex-wife of Jacques Dutronc hardly fears death. “I’m not afraid of dying but I’m very, very afraid of sufferingespecially since it is already the case, also afraid of the suffering of having to separate myself from the two beings I love the most in the world, Thomas and his father“, she had explained to Paris Match. How to say goodbye to them…