Frank Martínez talked about the expensive gift that James Rodríguez gave him

The trio of comedians made up of Frank Martínez, former ‘Masterchef’, ‘Chicho’ Arias, current participant of the cooking contest and Adrián Parada, They are promoting a new theatrical function called ‘Monologues without tip’.

Martínez, who has just completed a successful tour of the United States, and Parada were invited to the variety show Bravíssimo on the City Tv channel, and in it They talked about their experiences as comedians, future projects and revealed some anecdotes from their lives.

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In the middle of the conversation, the paisa who gained recognition in the RCN program, He recalled an episode he starred in with soccer player James Rodríguez a few years ago.

According to Martínez, he and other colleagues had the opportunity to meet the athlete and spend some time with him at his home. Some time later, they saw each other again and the comedian was surprised by a gift that the cucuteño gave him.

“About three years ago we were at James’s house, and when we greeted him he smelled very good. So, we suck cock with the lotion. Six months later we met again and he brought them the Bayern Munich shirt and me the perfume”, said Martínez.

Also, the comedian explained that the bottle was small and at that time it cost approximately 2,800,000 pesos.

This is the interview in which Frank Martínez tells his anecdote with James.

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In 2021, the professional comedy He posted a video on his Instagram with which he proves that he did meet the footballer.

“Look at the beauty I’m with, she’s a fan. He had to come to where he lives, ”Martínez began by commenting. Then he asked the player: Who are you? To which the footballer replied: “Nice to meet you, I’m James Rodríguez.” Once again Frank questioned him: “And who am I?” “My partner, the one who makes us all laugh,” said Rodríguez.

Martínez, obviously moved, ended the video by saying: “I love you, can I kiss you?”