Frank Rosin: crazy premiere! THAT fans have never seen

Anyone who meets him has to deal with the merciless truth: Frank Rosin usually doesn’t mince his words. Especially in his own show “Rosins Restaurants”, the TV chef is known for harsh criticism.

Ultimately, Frank Rosin just wants to help restaurateurs. Numerous locations throughout Germany have already been polished up by the 56-year-old and are more successful today. The fans of the star chef can be happy: From January 19, 2023, Kabel Eins will show new episodes of “Rosin’s Restaurant” in the program and start with a crazy premiere.

Frank Rosin: THAT has never happened before

The first new episode dances completely out of the concept of the show. Normally, viewers see Frank Rosin helping desperate restaurateurs and, for example, spice up the menu or modernize the facility. But now there is no contact at all. Frank Rosin is asked for help by a whole village.

The special episode called “Rosin’s Restaurants Special – Our Country Inn” shows the case of a small town that fears for its last remaining restaurant. So the task of the professional is not to improve at all, but to find it first! From three applicants, the star chef must choose the most suitable in order to save the restaurant from the end. A real mammoth task!

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