Frank Rosin: Touching gesture for his late mother

Marlies Rosin, the mother of star chef Frank Rosin, passed away in March 2021. Now her son is setting a touching monument for her.

On March 24, 2021, Frank Rosin (55) had to cope with a heavy blow of fate. His mother Marlies died after a long illness. She was 82 years old. In her professional life, Marlies Rosin was the proud operator of the snack bar “Glückauf-Grill” in Dorsten, North Rhine-Westphalia. Star chef Frank Rosin has now reopened the grill and thus set a monument to his mother.

Frank Rosin took care of the reopening

When his mother decided to give up the grill, she gave the business to a friend. But it had to give up more than a year ago, which is the reason for Frank Rosin to become active himself. According to “” he said: “When the shop had to close at the end of 2020 due to Corona, it was clear to us: This is also a place for get-togethers. The thing has to be revived.”

Frank Rosin lent a hand himself

While the facade has largely been preserved, the snack bar has been thoroughly renovated from the inside. Frank Rosin also helped with this. A new grill is now waiting for the guests, who can look forward to currywurst based on new recipes and meatballs, among other things – at fair prices, of course.

Star chef Frank Rosin commemorates his mother

The TV chef is really proud of the culinary memorial he created for his mother. To “Bild” he said: “I have a very good feeling that this story will continue. Now operator Patrick takes care of the grill. No matter how beautiful or expensive a gravestone is: a chip shop for people is a dignified legacy . That’s honest. That’s real. Like the people here in the pot. Mom would like that.”

Frank Rosin celebrates opening on Instagram

The star chef also insisted on celebrating the reopening on Instagram. For a photo that shows him beaming in front of the “Glückauf-Grill”, he writes: “My parents would be super proud and happy. Thanks to all the helpers.” Frank Rosin’s fans feel the same way. On behalf of many, one writes: “You would definitely be super proud and happy. So great, Frank.”

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