Frauke Ludowig’s daughter Nele Ludowig plans to study

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Frauke Ludowig’s daughter Nele Ludowig plans to study
Not a model: Frauke Ludowig’s daughter wants to study – “Definitely get a taste of Mom’s job” © IMAGO/Eventfoto54

Studying is important to her! Frauke Ludowig’s daughter Nele Ludowig wants to complete her studies. The moderator’s offspring plans to get a taste of journalism.

Berlin – Frauke Ludowig’s (58) daughter Nele (18) wants to follow in her mom’s footsteps! Despite a possible career as a model, the teenager, who has already secured a number of modeling jobs, finds it very important to complete a degree and is particularly interested in journalism.

At the Fashion Week in Berlin, the celebrity’s daughter spoke openly in an interview with “Bunte” about where she currently sees her professional future. She revealed that studying would come first for her in order to have something “solid” in her pocket. The teenager said: “I definitely want to study. It’s also important to me – before I travel or do anything else – to have something solid first, so that I don’t run into the unknown. But of course I also want to see the world.”

Frauke Ludowig’s daughter Nele Ludowig plans to study

The offspring of the mother of two revealed to “Gala” a few months ago that their studies could go in the direction of journalism. In doing so, she would follow in the footsteps of her prominent mother, who is one of the most successful German presenters.

“I definitely want to get a closer look at mum’s job as a journalist. She enjoys her job […]. I think it’s really interesting what mom does,” said the model enthusiastically. We wish the teenager a lot of success for her future and her upcoming studies!