Fred angry with Jamy since the end of It’s not rocket science: he settles his accounts!

Through Tristan Mieger

– Published on Jan 21, 2023 at 12:30 PM

Ten years after the sudden end of It’s not rocket science, Fred confided in his relationship with his former sidekick Jamy Gourmaud.

Between 1993 and 2013, Frédéric Courant and Jamy Gourmaud presented the show This is not rocket science. For 10 years, the two acolytes have enabled everyone to understand science. If the chain had continued to work with the second, the first had been thanked. A choice that hurt Fred. Indeed, the latter explained that after his dismissal, his relationship with Fred was never the same again. Explanations.

Frédéric Courant still bitter after his ouster from France 3

It is certainly one of the most popular science shows on the small screen. Indeed, in This is not rocket science, Fred and Jamy, succeeded in enthusing the French for science. With their famous truck, they traveled the roads to share with viewers all their knowledge. Unfortunately, after 10 years of good and loyal service, France 3 has decided to stop the show. A choice that did not fail to surprise Frédéric Courant. It must be said, that the latter was thanked, with that Jamy Gorumaud had other contracts with the chain. This decision, Frédéric Courant, never accepted it.

Even ten years later, the pill has still not passed. Moreover, being kicked out of France 3 while his sidekick Jamy Gourmaud, he was kept, threw a chill in their relationship. Frédéric Courant, notably regretted that his ex-acolyte, did not defend him: “I was kicked out in ten minutes after more than twenty years of service, and the project we were working on together was done without me. Let’s just say I didn’t feel supported by him. He must have been scared”.

Fred and Jamy saw each other recently

On his side, Jamy Gourmaud defended himself:We got along very well. Without being friends, we were more than colleagues. But we weren’t married“. But despite the tensions, that didn’t stop them from patching things up. It was in 2022, during the inauguration of the Science Festival at the Natural History Museum:“This reunion freed us. He was embarrassed. But it did us good.”. From there, to hope for a new collaboration between the two? So far, we don’t know.