Fred Courant installed in Reunion: Jamy’s former sidekick in It’s not rocket science completely transformed

While it had been some time since we had seen Fred Courant, he made his return this Saturday, January 21 during an interview with the Le Quotidien site. The former sidekick of Jamy Gourmaud in It’s not rocket science has also appeared almost unrecognizable.

It’s a welcome return. For more than 20 years, Fred Courant and Jamy Gourmaud have formed one of the most emblematic duos of French television. Together, the two hosts presented the cult popular science program This is not rocket science, from 1993 to 2013. Aboard their legendary truck driven by “marcel“, they traveled the roads of France to share their knowledge with viewers. Unfortunately, the great adventure came to an abrupt end in 2013, when the management of France Télévisions decided not to renew the program. Fred Courant then tried to bounce back in 2015 by founding The Sorcerer’s Spirit, a project funded through a crowdfunding campaign. “Making science accessible to as many people as possible means learning a lot of things while keeping a playful spirit “, he confided in TV Mag.

Since then, the journalist has been much more discreet in the media. This did not prevent our colleagues from Reunion and Indian Ocean daily newspaper to interview him while he is currently spending a few days on vacation on Reunion Island. This is not the first time that Fred Courant has visited this place because “his son, his wife and his children settled there”, specifies the media. “I love coming here. I came several times to shoot subjects on the volcano. I also worked on the cultivation of vanilla. It’s important that people know how the vanilla in their pot of yogurt is grown.”he confided in an interview published this Saturday, January 21.

New look for Fred Courant

But this interview was also an opportunity to see that Fred Courant has a lot since his years in It’s not rocket science. The former host of France 3 now wears a graying beard and disheveled hair “which are a little thinner”, as Le Quotidien de la Réunion points out. In terms of clothing, he opted for a beige shirt and a red bandanna tied around his neck. During this interview, Fred Courant notably returned to the success of C’est pas sorcier, a program that has marked many generations. “There are people who say thank you to me because they have discovered a lot of things with this program. Some tell me that it was thanks to our work that they decided to pursue a career in research or teaching. It’s awesome. I tell them that I just did my job. We worked a lot for that. But the result pleaseshe confided.