Frédéric Lopez: he makes rare confidences about his coming out

By Tristan Mieger

– Published on 29 Nov 2022 at 15:15

During an interview with Ben Névert on his Youtube channel, Frédéric Lopez returned to his coming out on television.

A little over five years ago, Frederic Lopez revealed his homosexuality on television. Done in the middle of an interview, this coming out had touched many people. Today, the host ofSunday in the countryside returned to this sequence. The least we can say is that he was not leading wide at the time. Explanations.

Frédéric Lopez looks back on his coming out

Frédéric Lopez is not used to pouring out his private life. However, in 2016, he decided to make an incredible announcement in full live. Indeed, on the set of thousand and one lives, he publicly announced that he was homosexual. An announcement not easy to make, since for decades he concealed his sexual orientation. Five years after this highlight, the host ofSunday in the countryside comes back with emotion on this act.

Frederic Lopez

To Ben Névert on YouTube, he explained that he was afraid of teasing his son. He also subconsciously thought people would like him less if he came out. But the reverse has happened. In effect, Frederic Lopez explains that following his revelation, he received a lot of benevolent comments: “I thought that might help. And I had incredible and really moving testimonies”. Like what, telling the truth is sometimes the best thing to do.