Frédérick (Married at first sight) close to a candidate from Koh-Lanta: a photo unveiled

the adventure Married at first sight 2022 officially ended on June 27. Balance sheet results? Only Alicia and Bruno and Damien and Pauline are still a couple today. The others continue on their way alone for the most part. In the last news, Frederick was always a heart to take. And a photo posted on the Instagram account of a former candidate of Koh Lanta did not go unnoticed.

Last weekend, former candidates from Koh Lanta came together to spend some quality time together. A day and an evening shared by the beautiful Lolacandidate of Koh-Lanta, the 4 Lands in 2020. In the first photo, we can see her posing, wearing a tight dress with zebra stripes, alongside Dorian who participated in her edition. She then immortalized herself with Béatrice (The War of the Chiefsin 2019) and with Fouzi (from Cursed Totem, in 2022). Then Internet users were able to discover it with a certain Océane and… with Frédérick.

The candidate of Married at first sight 2022 was indeed invited and he matched Lola. He wore a striped shirt and white pants. Why was he there? Mystery. We know that he is friends with Nathalie, candidate in 2008. Perhaps he therefore met other participants thanks to her and forged links. What is certain is that the former husband of Emilie and Lola do not form a couple. On the occasion of a question / answer, the young woman assured that she was still single. “I’m not in a hurry. It will come when it comes. I’m very happy like this at the moment, so my future relationship should only be more“, she clarified.