Frederick of Denmark’s Christmas greeting comes from the antipodes

The Royal Houses are recovering the splendor of Christmas this year. After years of restrictions, the new normal has allowed princes and princesses to travel. It is the case of Federico and Mary from Denmark who have moved, along with their four children, to Australia, her homeland and which they had not visited for five years. From the antipodes and with a climate very different from the cold Copenhagen They wanted to send their Christmas greetings.


The family of the heir to the Danish throne has posed at the top of a viewpoint in tasmania where we appear with summer clothes. Prince Frederick in a blue linen shirt and light-colored pants, as well as sneakers. His sons, Christian and Vincent, with shorts and similar urban-style sneakers. For his part, princess mary She has opted for a long printed dress with long sleeves and a V-neckline. Her daughters, the princesses Isabella and Josephine in a dress and tank top.

– From the decoration in the Palace to the princes and their crafts: the Danish Royal Family prepares for Christmas

– The act that will reunite the Danish Royal Family after spending Christmas apart

“Merry Christmas from ‘down under’ [desde abajo] Tasmania where we celebrate Christmas. Here there is no ice, but summer and warm weather”, is the message that the family of the heir to the throne has shared.


The truth is that the six are living a very different Christmas than in recent years, not only because of the temperature, but because they will not be with Queen Margarita on the most endearing days of the year. Nor will the family of her second son, Prince Joaquín, be with the sovereign, who also has headed abroad without the fate having been publicly disclosed, thus staging the breakup of the Royal Family after the Queen’s decision to strip four of her grandchildren of their princely titles. The measure will enter into force on January 1, 2023.

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