Frédérique Bel: Divine and flowery silhouette in Alpe d’Huez, Héléna Noguerra elegant and unleashed

Another big day, Friday January 20, 2023, at the Alpe d’Huez International Comedy Film Festival. As this 26th edition ends in a few hours, the public was able to discover, before the rest of the country, three unreleased feature films. It is first of all a particularly touching first project that the spectators could applaud, since the director Sébastien Tulard unveiled Under the starswith which he took his first steps… just like its main actor, the young Riadh Bellaïche, whom social networks know better under the name of JustRiadh.

But how did this content creator manage to leave smartphones behind to join cinemas? “Passing castingshe explained. That’s how it happened. It’s not easy to go from the small screen to the big one. We often have this prejudice that people on the Internet cannot act in films or series. So thanks to Sebastian.” Less moving atmosphere, and more wacky afterwards, since the competition continued, first with the story of a serial killer who has a phobia of blood, with The partners in crimethen with the tribulations of a bunch of inveterate revelers, BDEin a special session.

As you will have understood, with such a program, festival-goers met many celebrities on January 20, 2023. Dycosh, Sébastien Tulard, Riadh Bellaïche, first of all, for To the lucky star. Laura Felpin, William Lebghil, François Damiens, Cécilia Rouaud, then, for The partners in crime. Ludovik, Rayane Bensetti, Vincent Desagnat, Michaël Youn, Helena NoguerraLucien Jean-Baptiste, finally, for BDE. Frédérique Bel was also there last night, standing out from the crowd with her flowery look, a close-fitting outfit that perfectly fit her slender silhouette. We also found, in the audience, Hélène Mannarino who continues the presentation of the screening sessions of the Alpe d’Huez International Comedy Film Festival, but also Théo Curin, Caroline Anglade, Marie Petiot or even Florence Fauquet. To find out who will win the few trophies imagined by the artist Richard Orlinski, go to the closing ceremony on January 21, 2023.