Frida Sofía is very affectionate on video with a gallant, who is he?

Mexico.- After being involved in several scandals, the last of them being arrested in the United States, Frida Sofía had remained with a low profile, but now she has drawn attention again after publishing a video in which she looks very good accompanied by a young man, who apparently is her new beau.

Through her official Instagram account, Frida Sofía, who is said to have been disinherited by her mother Alejandra Guzmán after the lawsuits with her family, wanted to share her happiness.

Frida Sofía posted a video with Heredia Code with the message “I’m happy.” video capture

With a short video, she made it clear that she is having a good time, because she looks very good accompanied by a young man; “I’m happy” was what the model and also a singer wrote next to the clip.

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This is Heredia Code, a 20-year-old singer, producer and composer, who seems to have won the heart of Frida Sofía.

Since last April, both already published things on their social networks, and the followers of the granddaughter of Enrique Guzmán, whom Frida accused of sexual abuse, told them that they made a beautiful couple, but they warned Heredia not to do damage.

“Take good care of her, she is a beautiful and very sensitive girl. Do not hurt him! They make a beautiful couple”, “Definitely the most beautiful couple in the world”, have been some of the comments from Internet users.

Heredia Code is a Mexican singer-songwriter, nephew of the Spanish Diego ‘El Cigala’. Photo: Instagram

Who is the gallant?

Heredia Code promotes himself on his social networks as a singer, producer and composer and his musical style is the urban genre.

He is part of the Empire Gram music company, who, when announcing his signing, explained that Heredia was born in Mexico City, but of Spanish parents, he is also the nephew of the renowned Spanish singer Diego ‘El Cigala’.

Empire Gram discovered his talent in Puebla during a show by another of his artists, in which Heredia Code was the ‘opener’, so they decided to integrate him into their company.

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