Frida Sofía told her “naqui, wannabe, bruji”, but Niurka slapped her with a white glove

After the lawsuit that Niurka Marcos and Maryfer Centeno starred in the program Se had to say, from La saga, the reactions of their followers on social networks did not wait. Such was the case of Alejandra Guzmán’s daughter, Frida Sofía, who defended the graphologist after she shared a video on her Instagram in which she analyzed the fight with the Cuban.

“Niurka, little thing, the naqui wannabe bruji… that scares me from the front because she spits instead of screaming… it disgusts me. That drool is devil’s syrup… and the breath? How are you? I love you, you are very good (Maryfer)”, wrote the granddaughter of Silvia Pinal.

In this regard, TVyNovelas sought out the vedette, who, for the first time, preferred not to reply to Frida Sofía’s insults. “Since Alejandra Guzmán put an end to that story with her daughter, which was very painful for her, I did the same, so out of respect for Alejandra, the lady (Frida Sofía) can say what she wants. … Things are received from who they come from”, said Niurka, who also stressed that with all the time he has been in the middle of the show, this type of thing does not affect him.

“Any type of offense that she can say to me, will never surpass all that they have said to me in the course of my life, because they have told me everything, except that I am a lesbian because they know that it would not be an offense (jokes) ”.


Likewise, the Cuban made it clear that she will not play along with the rocker’s daughter: “I’m not interested (answering Frida Sofía), Ale closed the chapter and I along with her. She (Frida) can say whatever she wants, absolutely everything, reiterate and abound, and she doesn’t worry me, ”she emphasized.

Although Niurka did not want to respond directly to the young woman, she did slap her with a white glove: “When you are sure of who you are, of what you have achieved, of the stable, beautiful and happy life you have, with fulfilled, focused, mature, responsible children, with positive opinions from the entire industry about them, you are not interested in what think someone who has a life as disorganized as her”. Of course, the Cuban did not hesitate to respond to Laura Bozzo, who supported Maryfer and said that Niurka’s attitude was out of place.

“She (Laura Bozzo) put herself in the same position as when we were together in a reality show, she was in front and I was behind, and here Maryfer was also in front and I was behind, that is, she told me: ‘jump’ and I told her He said: ‘jump you’… I’m behind because I do listen to the things they tell me and I answer them… Laurita chose who to defend because she wants to participate, whether she is right or not”.

Regarding the encounter with Maryfer, Niurka said: “I don’t know if you noticed, but I had a lot of fun, and look, how they give me, I give. I know that she has been out there throwing tantrums and saying things that are not true, but I have all the respect for Adela Micha (…). I think she wasn’t ready to meet someone who would refute her psychoanalysis (sic) -Maryfer is a graphologist-, and in this life you always have to be ready. For example, when the media ask me about certain issues, I always answer them, from my point of view, aware that I am not going to have the absolute truth, and she must also be aware that her psychoanalysis may or may not fall all right”.

At 55 years old, Niurka expressed that she is beyond good and evil, living a full life and that she does not need any lover to be happy.

“I was born to love and to live, but I’m not looking for (a man), when something appears I enjoy it, if it lasts, that’s good, and if not, the one that follows, but it’s not something that I, by force, have to live, nothing that if I don’t have a man I’ll die”.

The Cuban told TVyNovelas that far from what many people might think, she loves being alone: ​​“I love myself and I enjoy myself a lot, I know how to masturbate, I enjoy myself a lot, suddenly I have a little adventure out there and I spend a delicious weekend; So, nothing, when there is a formal relationship they will already know, meanwhile, I continue living my life, which is beautiful… I am happy and satisfied, full of memories, experiences and adventures, successes and laughter, I cannot complain, “he concluded. .

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