Fritz Meinecke draws a bitter conclusion after the YouTube show

7 vs wild

Fritz Meinecke took third place in “7 vs. Wild”.Image: youtube


Janna Eiserbeck

Five participants made it and endured the full seven days on a lonely island in the Gulf of Panama. In the final of “7 vs. Wild” the ranking then decided the winner. Surprisingly, last year’s winner and inventor of the format, Fritz Meinecke, only came in third. Otto secured first place.

In the last “Behind the Scenes” video, which has now been published on YouTube, the makers look back on the first moments of the participants in freedom. Medical care was waiting for Knossi.

Fritz Meinecke with a bitter conclusion

The reunion with the team after seven days in isolation often ended in an emotional outburst. When Fritz Meinecke was collected from his lonely stretch of beach, he could no longer hold back his tears. “It was seven days of hell,” summarizes the survival expert. In contrast, the first season was “vacation,” he says. “It was really bad compared to Sweden,” he had to admit. But that was also due to the fact that he only took one item with him to the island – in retrospect, a big mistake. In that respect he had simply overestimated himself.

“No fire for seven days”, no “safe space”, only “cattle in your face”, no place where you could have peace and quiet, everything was always wet. “I have to say it was really tough,” he stated, but then joked: “Holiday to imitate, I can recommend it to you.”

On the other hand, if you ask Otto about his stay in the Gulf of Panama, it sounds like it was a walk. He celebrated his spot, his two shelters. “Could be a bit harder,” he even said. He “really loved” his place.

Together with the team, Otto and Fritz then also collected Knossi. The fact that he of all people made it through to the end amazed the survival-proven Youtubers. They celebrated him all the more for it.

Knossi has to undergo surgery

Sascha Huber was also collected and cheered on by his fellow campaigners. Last, wildcard winner Joris was picked up from his island leg. Although he had built a decent shelter, he had to work with holly, which caused nasty wounds on his arms, hands and legs. They even caught fire.

However, Knossi was hit harder. He even had to be treated medically after his return. He was given a saline solution intravenously before a minor operation awaited him. He had previously refrained from using his medi-kit in order not to have points deducted. But now a piece of wood that was stuck in his foot and had led to a purulent abscess had to be removed urgently. “I could throw up. There’s still a tree in there,” said Knossi.

7 vs wild

Knossi has to undergo a small operation in the hotel room.Image: youtube

When he was explained what to expect during the treatment and what he has to consider in the days and weeks afterwards, everything fell out of Knossi’s face. He hadn’t expected that. “The pus is there so that the body drives it out on its own. You don’t have to snip it at all.”he was still convinced, but was taught otherwise by the medical team.

The piece of the root was operated on from his foot with not inconsiderable pain. “It really hit me. I have the worst injury of my life,” Knossi even had to admit at the end.

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