Fritz Meinecke notices Sabrina’s big mistake

After her shelter was flooded, Sabrina relented "7 vs Wild" on.

After her shelter was flooded, Sabrina gave up on “7 vs. Wild”.Image: Fritz Meinecke/Instagram


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In episode 13 of “7 vs Wild”, Sabrina, the second contestant of the season, broadcast “Code Yellow”. Shortly afterwards she was picked up by the crew. Her shelter had previously been flooded repeatedly. After the episode was published, viewers again posted sexist comments online, as Nova and Sabrina, the only two women among the participants, left the show prematurely.

In a stream (via Youtube), co-creator Fritz Meinecke took a closer look at the entire episode – and criticized Sabrina. From his point of view, she made a crucial mistake.

Fritz Meinecke comments on the Sabrina exit

“I do not get it. That was foreseeable. It had already collapsed once before because of the high tide“, says Meinecke, looking at Sabrina. The candidate had rebuilt her shelter in the same place where it had previously collapsed due to the flood – from Meinecke’s point of view, a fatal mistake. “I can’t get it,” he adds accordingly.

Fritz Meinecke criticizes Sabrina after her "7 vs Wild"-Exit.

Fritz Meinecke criticizes Sabrina after her “7 vs. Wild” exit.Image: Fritz Meinecke – Live/Youtube

Since the necessary material was still available, Sabrina could have built a third shelter. Meinecke takes this opportunity to point to a flatter area further back that seems more suitable. In his estimation, Sabrina could have moved her camp here. Sabrina has even been on the road in this very area. Meinecke has to concede that the water may have gotten there as well, but there are definitely places on the island “where you can be dry”.

In any case, the main question for him is: “What is really the reason for the demolition?” The actual shelter was in no way the reason for demolition – but rather the lack of strength to build a new shelter. Meinecke also suspects the fear that another shelter could collapse as a possible motivation for the exit.

“7 vs. Wild”: New episode on Christmas Eve

Meanwhile, the second season of “7 vs. Wild” is fast approaching the finale. The dates for the final episodes from Panama have now been confirmed via the show’s official Instagram account. Accordingly, it remains the case that an episode will appear again on Saturday and Wednesday – although Saturday is also Christmas Eve.

The release plan for the last "7 vs Wild"- Consequences are official.

The release plan for the last “7 vs. Wild” episodes is officially set.Image: 7vswild/Instagram

Fans can also look forward to two more behind-the-scenes episodes on Dave’s YouTube channel. There will be more supplies here on December 23rd and December 30th.

The Christmas show “Dalli Dalli” was shown on ZDF on Sunday. There was a furore about the show in advance because Nora Tschirner, who formed a team with Karoline Herfurth on the show, was injured. The “Bild” reported a few days ago that an accident had occurred during the recording. In it, a witness said: “Nora immediately screamed in pain. It was clear that it was not played.” Tschirner was then unable to get up again and paramedics came to her aid.