Fritz Wepper: Out of the clinic for the first time after a year

Fritz Wepper
After a year for the first time from the clinic

Fritz Wepper (photo from 2019) is on the mend.

Fritz Wepper (photo from 2019) is on the mend.

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After more than a year in the hospital and rehabilitation clinic: Fritz Wepper made his first trip with his friend Bernd Herzsprung.

After more than a year in the clinic and rehabilitation, Fritz Wepper (80) was allowed to return to “Bavarian reality”. As reported by the “Bild” newspaperhe went on a trip with his buddy and fellow actor Bernd Herzsprung (80).

Herzsprung picked Wepper up at the “Jägerwinkel” rehabilitation clinic on Lake Tegernsee, and they drove to a hotel together. There was a white sausage breakfast. “It was a sublime feeling to be back in Bavarian reality. It was the best white sausage of my life,” said Wepper, according to “Bild” after four sausages and a small beer.

Emergency surgery for a tumor, later Corona: Fritz Wepper’s suffering

In February 2021, Fritz Wepper made it public that he was suffering from skin cancer. The actor was treated with cortisone. But the cancer metastasized. In March 2021, Wepper had to go to the hospital with severe abdominal pain. There the doctors discovered a tumor in the abdomen. The tumor had to be removed in an emergency operation. Wepper was in a coma.

Since that time, Wepper has been in hospitals and in rehabilitation. In March 2022 he should have gone home, but then he was infected with the corona virus.

According to “Bild”, the rehab has now been extended further. But he should be able to go home at the end of May. Wepper, who became known among other things in the crime series “Derrick”, lives with his second wife Susanne Kellermann and their daughter Filippa (10) on Lake Tegernsee.