From behind, Angélica Castro demonstrates how to wear a tight dress after 50

A few months ago the video of the scandal of Cristian de la Fuentewho jeopardized his marriage to angelica castro. Although separated, both have continued with their lives, both personal and professional. In recent days, celebrities had to see each other again at a sporting event for their daughter.

laura de la fuente She ran 10 kilometers in the Viña del Mar Marathon and moved everyone, especially after the trap she experienced at the beginning of the year with her father, where she had to undergo emergency surgery after receiving a bullet in her leg. “March 10, 2022, Lau told us at the German Clinic: do you think I will walk again? November 20, 2022 Lau runs his first 10k in the Viña Del Mar marathon in less than 1 hour, ”wrote the actor on his Instagram account.