From controversial presenter to aspiring to the presidency, this is her controversial life – Nueva Mujer

The phrase “What happens the wretch!” Mexico, Peru and all of Latin America identifies her with a single person, Laura Bozzo. This woman describes herself as controversial, rebellious, frontal, defiant, non-conformist, with the verb turned on and, in addition, the protagonist of many scandals.

He is not afraid of anything, he has been through many trials in his life and her fight for justice made her very popular among the people who followed her television programs defending women and children, victims of violence.

Few know that Laura studied Law at the Central University of Venezuela (UCV) in Caracas and before being the most famous Peruvian presenter in America, she entered the world of politics: she was elected councilor of Lima in the 90s, she aspired to be a congressman and from there to the presidency of Peru. She was also head of the House of Culture in Peru, almost a ministerial position.

But life took a 180 degree turn when Mayor Ricardo Belmont invited her to an interview on the now defunct RBC channel.

“I got into politics, I was elected councilor of Lima and the mayor owned a television channel. He invites me to an interview and tells me ‘You are a communicator’, and that’s where Laura started on television ”, pointed out a few weeks ago “The House of the Famous”.

No one bet on my show

In 1994 she began her life as a television presenter, first on RBC with the feminist program “Women have the floor.” Two years later, the space was taken off the air, so she went on to conduct an interview called “Laura”.

When RBC was closed, she was left empty-handed and began to beg for opportunities as a presenter on other channels. and it was Panamericana de Televisión that bet on it in 1997 with its program Intimacies.

“Everyone was betting that my show was not going to have a rating, and I did a live sex change show, a scandal broke out and I started switching to the talk show. (I thought) I want to go to the problems, to the struggle of women. So, they called me from América Televisión, and that’s where ‘Laura en América’ was born and I started doing my show the way I wanted,” Bozzo said.

the people’s lawyer

According to the newspaper La República del Perú, “Laura in America” It opens in February 1998 and it is there when the lawyer presenting cases of Peruvian families, violence, alcoholism, mistreatment, unemployment, belonging to socioeconomic levels C, D and E, becomes famous and loved by the public.

“That’s why they call me from América Televisión and Laura de América is created there. At that time talk shows were all the rage, but I turned it around because I took out the real characters, the unfortunate and it was ordinary people, I gave this genre a change “said the driver to the program At Mary’s house.

Despite the criticism generated by the program, the affection and popularity led her to be known in her country as the ‘People’s Lawyer’.

Then the Telemundo network broadcast the program abroad. After reaching its peak, “Laura en América” ​​was broadcast in Peru for the last time in July 2001.

The cases were real

Many people thought that the cases that were presented in their programs were false, but Laura clarified to the journalist Mara Patricia Castañeda in 2020 that they were real, so much so that she met with the women, shared with her in private her experiences and took them to the program, reviewed Millennium.

“These are one hundred percent real cases that I know of and I am going to investigate the family, the facts. I combine drama with journalism and make a format that is an evolution of what is known today as dramatized”, he commented.

She is a woman who has achieved a lot, whose family taught her values “material things are a burden”, her grandmother told her, and she has not stopped helping the most vulnerable women and children. The decembers of her are gather my daughters serving humble people.

already out of The House of the Famousmore strengthened and soon we will know what will become of the life of this presenter who left her mark on the reality show and was the favorite to win it.

She assures that despite what has happened in her life, disappointments, disappointments, imprisoned, defamed, she is still standing and helping those who need it most.

“I have been scammed, they have stolen everything from me, everything has happened to me but I don’t care because my wealth is what I do for people, it is what they will remember me for.”