From “El club del gordo y don gato” to “Sunday for all”: 5 remembered programs of Boris Eserski’s TCS

TCS has been one of the television conglomerates in the country with highly successful productions, especially in the 1980s and 1990s. We share some entertainment spaces that conquered Salvadorans and broke ratings.

It is indisputable, television was transformed with the arrival of pay TV and not to mention streaming! Those one hundred percent local productions, from newscasts to entertainment and children’s programs, remained far in the past. And in these niches, Telecorporación Salvadoreña has always been at the forefront, especially since its president, Boris Eserski, founded the first TV channel in the country in 1956.

Soon, channel 2, 4 and 6 would become the spaces where Salvadorans could entertain themselves in their free spaces, watching news, movies and special and game shows. Over the years, this conglomerate created successful productions, which are still remembered by many viewers today. Of course, this content always had a creative group under the command of businessman Boris Eserski.

The Salvadoran audience remembers the programs “Looking for stars”, on channel 2; “Mano a mano Juvenil”, a dance contest that was broadcast on channel 4 and was hosted by the Casamiquela sisters; “Musical hits”, where fashion video clips were broadcast, and also “The song of the week”, where the beautiful Lucía López presented music audiovisuals.

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Below we share other of the most unforgettable productions of this television corporation:

1. “The Fat Man and Mr. Cat Club”: This program was broadcast in the 80s and came after “The club of the fairy godmother and Mr. Cat”. El Gordo Sanchinelli was a comedian of Italian parents. Various characters, such as the bobo owl or the straw professor, entertained Salvadoran children every Saturday morning on channel 4.

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2. “Kindergarten”: Who didn’t sing along with Uncle Periquito, Pizarrín, Chirajito, Promptito? This production became one of the most iconic for children. These Salvadoran clowns stole the hearts of children, giving children space to sing and dance, as well as to hold contests and give out nice prizes.

This children’s program was broadcast on Sunday mornings. Photo: EDH Archive

3. “Weekend”: The iconic presenter Willie Maldonado entertained Salvadorans for decades every Saturday afternoon. This program began on June 5, 1976 and ended its transmission on December 26, 2009, with 33 years on the air.

At one point, the also broadcaster decided to retire for an indefinite period on medical recommendation, but after meeting with Boris Eserski they agreed to start the project again and the relaunch date was March 21, 1987.

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Willie Maldona being made up in a moment of rest before entering the air. Photo: EDH Archive

4. “Sunday for everyone”: The story of this program is born after Daniel Rucks is given the opportunity to launch a game show. From being a television experiment, it became a watershed in the history of Salvadoran television. The program ended on December 26, 2021 after three different stages.

Verónica Guerrero drives in the midst of female contestants in “Sunday for all”. The model and presenter was part of TCS for several years. Photo: EDH Archive

5. “Pop”: Hosted by the late Max González and the sisters María Elisa and Bárbara Parker, this program developed contests so that two institutions, whether they were companies, schools, among others, faced each other and whoever won the majority of them obtained a juicy amount of money.

There is little visual record of this production of the 90s, where young people faced each other to earn money. Illustrative and non-commercial video