From Sebastián Rulli to William Levy, actors with 40 who steal sighs with their stocky bodies – Nueva Mujer

Some actors like Sebastian Rulli and William Levy they are like the good ones wines, by looking more and more handsome, despite their age. They not only maintain their beauty but have increased their sexiness by looking even more muscular that a few years ago conquering his public with his figure.

Elegant, attractive, sensual and maturethese artists demonstrate that over the years the attractiveness is not lost, but that they can increase it with their maturity and wisdom of the life.

The myth that the age It does not favor anyone to be totally knocked down when seeing their marked bodies.

They arrived at 40 and look better than their 20

sebastian rulli

The argentinian actor has become an icon of Mexican television due to his extensive experience on the screens and his beauty. Rulli reached his 47 years and he proved that he is one of the most handsome men on screen by posing nude and showing off his statuesquely stocky figure.

William Levy

The Cuban She can easily top the list of the most handsome artists with her sexiness and beauty. He is currently one of the most sought-after men of the moment, standing out as actor and model.

Mauricio Ochman

to their 44 years He keeps intact his physical attractiveness and his particular smile and look with which he has fallen in love with the spectators in each of his TV soaps.

David Zepeda

for a few years Zepeda has remained on the list of the most handsome in the entertainment industry and his 47 years, He continues to do his thing, standing out even against other younger ones.

Gabriel Soto

ex-husband of Geraldine Bazan has stood out among the most handsome since he began his career as in the Mr World in nineteen ninety six. Later, he became part of the leading men in soap operas and is still active and more sensual than ever.