From “stab in the back” to “betrayal”: Hildmann and Wendler rage about Naidoo

From “stab in the back” to “betrayal”
Hildmann and Wendler rage about Naidoo

For years, Xavier Naidoo has been one of the country’s greatest conspiracy tellers. Now all of a sudden he doesn’t want to know anything about it anymore. Previous like-minded people like Attila Hildmann and Michael Wendler have no understanding for this. As expected, they rumble.

The video that Xavier Naidoo published on YouTube on Tuesday is like a bang. He wanted to say that he “distances himself from all extremes, especially and above all from right-wing and conspiratorial groups,” explains the singer and adds: “I stand for tolerance, diversity and peaceful coexistence. Nationalism, racism, homophobia and Anti-Semitism is incompatible with my values ​​and I strongly condemn them.”

He regrets having “offended and hurt people” with some statements and behavior. “I apologize for this and ask your forgiveness,” said Naidoo, who has been one of the country’s biggest conspiracy storytellers and has not shied away from anti-Semitism, xenophobia and solidarity with right-wing extremists.

It was clear that previous like-minded people would not let this sit on them for long. Attila Hildmann, who is now said to be in Turkey because of the threat of criminal prosecution in Germany, was one of the first to rumble. In the past, nothing really fit between him and Naidoo.

“Respect: Zero”

On his website, Hildmann now openly accuses the singer of “treason”. Naidoo is now apparently on the side of “FRG propaganda” and can sit down with people like moderator Jan Böhmermann, Chancellor Olaf Scholz or Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock. Hildmann is probably also upset because Naidoo cites the war in Ukraine as the trigger for his change of heart. After all, for Hildmann this too is “staged” with the aim of creating a great state of Israel.

In order to discredit Naidoo, Hildmann digs deep into the mothball of historical abuse. He accuses the musician of giving his previous companions a “stab in the back”. The so-called “stab in the back” legend spread in Germany after the First World War. Last but not least, the Nazis took it up in order to blame the defeat in the war on the Social Democrats and Jews.

“Disgusting” is another word that Hildmann uses to characterize Naidoo’s change of heart. “There’s probably a couple of concerts coming up or some shows and he’s trying to put his reputation straight,” he continues. “Xavier Naidoo has now become good. He wants to come back and pave his way back into the sick, completely deranged society. Respect: zero,” Hildmann rants and is disappointed: “A big one has just buckled here, from which I actually have a lot kept.”

Voice recording verified

Hildmann published his opinion as a voice memo on his website. According to research by the RTL verification team, there is a reason why he chose this distribution channel. “Currently Hildmann has to publish his news and messages via a website because his old distribution channels are restricted or even completely closed by the platforms. His Telegram channel with a good 35,000 subscribers is no longer accessible,” explains RTL verification expert Andreas Greuel. When the Telegram channel is called up, a message appears that access cannot be made because the channel “violates local laws,” says Greuel. “All that remains is the website, which he had to rebuild after the activist collective from ‘Anonymous’ hacked his old website and its host last year.”

It was also verified that it was actually a voice message from Hildmann himself. “Pronunciation, tonality, choice of words match well-known statements,” assures Greuel.

The madness continues

But not only Hildmann reacted to Naidoo’s public distancing from the conspiracy scene. Michael Wendler also insisted on commenting on this from the USA. “Xavier shocked the freedom movement with statements in his video! Many are now wondering what the hell his statements mean. The truth is non-negotiable,” explains the singer on his Telegram channel, which – unlike Hildmann’s – can still be reached is.

And of course, the first conspiracy myths are immediately entwined around Naidoo’s statements. Right-wing populist ideologue Oliver Janich, for example, speculates that the singer had to make his statement so that his wife’s family could be brought out of the Ukraine. And on Telegram, for example, a user writes: “What do you think he got for the video? It’s true again: don’t trust a celebrity.” Naidoo may have really sworn off his delusions. But the madness goes on without him.