From success to lawsuit with AB Quintanilla: Kumbia Kings will tell their story on tape

International successes, packed auditoriums, millions of records sold, but also failures on a personal level, the entry and exit of members of the group, as well as conflicts with AB Quintanilla, will be some of the topics that the Kumbia Kings film will address. .

Although there is no official release date yet, the producer and musician Cruz Martínez announced that this project is already in pre-production, even in a short time they will begin to look for the talent that will star in the story.

“It is a story of everything that one has lived, I wanted to be as authentic as possible by putting testimonials of several important elements in the group including staff technicians and record label executives, who have supported me throughout this journey,” he said. Martinez in interview.

The musician added that for the cast he will look for “different actors, I believe a lot in new talent and in giving opportunities. In fact, we have already recorded something, for example some scenes in concerts that we have taken and some presentations that we are about to give”.

One of those shows that they will record will be this Saturday at the Mexico City Arena, where the group will perform hits like Fire, My sweet little girl Y I love you.

The film that will be titled behind the crown It is based on the homonymous book by Cruz Martínez. In it, Cruz expresses his point of view on certain situations; the story starts from the origin of the group, the assignment of the name, the bond that unites it with a Chicago gang and covers what they have achieved today.

“The book was like a liberation for me, not to have those feelings saved, things have already happened a long time ago, for me it is concluding that part, closing that cycle and taking steps forward, looking to the future.

“So it will be my part, what I experienced with the support of elements or evidence that I have of what will be reflected,” shared the arranger.

A musical theater play is also planned, with the same title as the book and the film, but of which Martínez did not reveal details.

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Throughout the existence of the project, it has been shaped by three different generations; The key to success to stay current for so long is to be at the forefront, as well as having the doors open to the cultural diversity of each of the musicians that make up Kumbia Kings.

“Our secret is that we are a mixture of roots and traditions, it is that fusion of having many Latin people in the same group, I believe that this has been a formula that allows us to have a more open audience.

“And, for now, new songs are always coming along the line of what we have done and merging with new artists,” he said.