From TikTok directly to the stage, Ronoldy Quinteros will join the Grupo La Colección show

After imitating the members of the tropical groups in El Salvador, and seeing that he did so well, Alfredo José and La Colección invited the tiktoker to perform with them on January 22.

For some time now, the Salvadoran former television presenter and tiktoker Ronoldy Quinteros He has dedicated himself to creating very specific content on his social networks.

Not only does he recreate popular TikTok audios, he flaunts his performances here as well. He not only imitates gym instructors, vendors, deputies or soccer players, but also members of tropical groups.

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In the latter, he was inspired by one of his recent TikToks, his choreography and rhythm caught the attention of Alfredo José Jiménez and Fátima Calderón, leaders of Grupo La Colección Interncional. And why don’t you guess? They are already collaborating.

Ronoldy accepted the invitation from Grupo La Colección. Illustrative and non-commercial video /

“Those from the Collection contacted me and want me to be in a presentation with them and why don’t they know where I am?” Asks the tiktoker; to which he reveals: “In rehearsal to go to the presentation with Alfredo José and La Colección. I can not believe it”.

In this video Quinteros shows his talent for dancing, he seems to be one more member of the group. At the same time, they detailed that the show will be this January 22 in Soyapango, at 6:00 pm, on Rosario Sur street.

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Ronoldy’s followers reacted immediately: “Good luck friend”, “how great”, “what happiness”, “how original”, “congratulations, what pride”, “I’ll go see you, I live nearby, I don’t miss it” , “the power of TikTok”, “I had never felt so happy for someone, really what a goat”.

For her part, Fátima Calderón also uploaded a TikTok in which she announced Ronoldy’s participation.

The former presenter already participated in the rehearsals. Illustrative and non-commercial video /

In the clip, the artists appear in the company of the famous tiktoker in full rehearsal, they dance the theme that Ronoldy took up again for his TikTok: “The little boat”.

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In the comments area, Fátima Calderón even clarified that at the moment Quinteros is behind the members because the choreography is being learned, but on the day of the event “he will be our main star.”