From “Winning” to “Swallowing, as always”: this is how Belinda changed her iconic phrase

This was the fun moment (Photo: Twitter/@belindapop)
This was the fun moment (Photo: Twitter/@belindapop)

The appearances of Belinda after her breakup with Christian NodalThey are few and few. For this reason a new Tweet on your official account Twitter (where she has more than 6 million followers) has quickly become something viral due to her new interaction with the public and her fans, as well as the modification that the pop singer gave to one of her most remembered phrases by Mexican society. : “winning as always”.

Everything that the actress also says or does not say quickly becomes news. The movements of the model and businesswoman are also stealthily watched by the press and commented on social networks, and many of them go viral and they end up becoming memes that everyone uses in their daily lives. “Winning, as always” has broken the barrier and has become her number one phrase used by Mexicans.

The publication of the new adaptation of his popular saying already has more than 27 thousand likes4000 retweets and two thousand tweet cited. Not only his fans and some of his detractors have reacted to the “Swallowing like always”, but even a singer like Sweet Maria from RBD They let the children’s soap opera actress know that her new meaning was quite comical and made her happy that she is taking her life with a touch of humor.

The sentence is now: "Swallowing like always"(Photo: Twitter)
The phrase now is: “Swallowing, as always” (Photo: Twitter)

“Belinda gave us the phrase and Belinda herself does not change them now”, “After all, we must always laugh at ourselves and what better than with a phrase as famous as that”, “It makes me laugh so much because it is very true, in depression we always think about eating”, “Well, Beli is not affected by anything that she eats and whatever is always perfect, bad for mortals like one”, “Belinda is a machine for making phrases and memesI really died with this phrase”, fans wrote in their Tweet.

It was in 2016 when the singer faced a legal problem with the Attorney General of the Republic of Mexico (Today Attorney General of the Republic – FGR) for alleged tax evasion, which amounted to just over two million pesos, it all started.

Belinda has many viral memes and phrases (Photo: Twitter/@belinda_idolos)
Belinda has many viral memes and phrases (Photo: Twitter/@belinda_idolos)

A few days after the news was released, he attended an event in which he had a meeting with the press, who took the opportunity to ask him about his situation. There she replied: “I’m super good, everything perfect, winning as always”, words that became memorable.

In an interview for the portal AND! Newsin 2019, Belinda explained how her iconic phrase came about, which she considers one of her favorites and inevitably most remembered even outside of Mexico since the interpreter of musical hits such as In love you have to forgive, in the dark or I Love You… I Love You he has fans all over the world.

Belinda supported President López Obrador when he was a candidate for the presidency of Mexico.
Belinda supported President López Obrador when he was a candidate for the presidency of Mexico.

“That day in the interview I was like angry and it shows when I say ‘winning as always, like (saying) ‘shut up’ and I never thought that this would become a motto, it’s great, because even though the worst happens to you… just like that you remove the negative, that’s very funny. that’s my favorite”, he expressed.

When Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador He was not yet president of the Mexican Republic and was part of the “Together We Will Make History” coalition, Belinda recognized him as the winner of the second presidential debate. Through your account Twitterthe also Mexican actress published “#DebateINE In my opinion Andrés Manuel #WinningLikeAlways”.

She is currently in Spain, where in addition to working she lives for a while without being in the public eye.


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