Fuel allowance: 70% of French people concerned have still not claimed it

A few hours ago, Bruno Le Maire called on the French people who are entitled to it to request fuel aid of 100 euros, to do. And this while 7 million people have still not claimed it. Don’t worry, Objeko’s editorial staff will tell you everything about it. Are you ready ?

What is the fuel allowance?

Since Monday, January 16, several million French people can apply for fuel compensation. Indeed, after the end of the rebate at the pump, the government set up this bonus. Which will in particular make it possible to better target the most modest workers. Workers, who use their vehicle as a means of transport to go to work on a daily basis. It applies to any type of vehicle, including two-wheelers and electric vehicles.

This help also makes it possible to fill inflation and rising energy prices in general. Set up until February 28, this system allows, by sending a form, to obtain a transfer of 100 euros to their bank account from January 27 for the first files processed by the tax services. Unfortunately, of the 10 million eligible people, seven million have not yet applied.

Bruno Le Maire appeals to French people eligible for this bonus

Established on January 16, the fuel allowance was claimed by 3 million people. which barely matches to 30% of eligible persons. A result that does not please Bruno Le Maire. The latter asked the French to make the request: “The system is extremely simple, I have had no negative feedback from those who have gone to register on the site of the General Directorate of Public Finances, but there are people who do not come to seek this help, I tell them to ‘go do it’.
As a reminder, the fuel allowance will be paid per individual and not per household. Indeed, each member of the household using his vehicle to travel to his place of work will benefit from this aid. Thus, the workers concerned have until February 28 to make the request. Just go to This site, to fill out the form with his tax number, his license plate and then fill out a sworn statement. Your turn now. Know that 100 euros more is better nothing.

Source- https://www.objeko.com/actualite/indemnite-carburant-70-des-francais-concernes-ne-lont-toujours-pas-reclamee/